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Consulting - Navigation Design

Navigation design follows naturally from a study of information architecture of your website.

skyBuilders will visit your web site, examine its architecture, content, look and feel, navigation methods, and overall usability.

Building on an initial site evaluation and study of your information architecture, our recommendations for navigation design will include:

  • Global Navigation - Top-level navigation, supplemented by organization and site-specific info, search interface, and login (if client access allowed).
  • Contextual Navigation -
  • Landing Pages - The main sections of the site need pages that reveal the section architecture
  • Breadcrumbs - Does the page show where you are in the overall site and where you can easily get to from there?
  • Click count - Are pages reachable with a minimum number of clicks?
  • Consistency - Are navigation methods consistent throughout the site?
  • Findability Analysis - Does the navigation scheme and search engine easily reach the majority of the site content?
  • Usability Analysis - We follow Jacob Nielsen's top guidelines.

skyBuilders captures your site to our servers to examine its information structure. We then critically analyze this structure to create the navigation design.

Deliverables are wireframes and page blueprints.

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