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Consulting - Site Evaluation

An inexpensive site evaluation ($250) is the first step toward bringing your website content managment under control.

skyBuilders will visit your web site, examine its size, architecture, content, look and feel, navigation methods, and overall usability.

We will make recommendations in six areas, and provide a cost and time estimate for conversion to a database-backed website with state-of-the-art portal and content management tools:

  • Message - Does the content reflect the organization's mission?
  • Design - Are page design elements reusable?
  • Structure - Does content have intrinsic structure that might facilitate reuse?
  • Consistency - Are navigation methods consistent throughout the site?
  • Usability Analysis - We follow Jacob Nielsen's top guidelines.
  • Suitability - How suitable is the site for conversion to a database-backed web site using skyBuilders timeLines technology?

skyBuilders captures your site to our servers to examine its information structure. We then critically compare this structure to the navigation design. We produce a visual report of the links between pages. (We spider the internal web of your site.)

Individual pages are examined to evaluate the quality of the coding and its maintainability by content authors with minimal training. A major problem with elegant website designs is that page coding is far too complex, so changes must be made by expensive programmers.

We estimate the difficulty of migrating your existing content to a content managment system (CMS).

For an additional cost we can prepare a content audit. You can use this report to identify mission critical content that must be redesigned for the new site. Less important content may be moved as is for archiving purposes. Our goal is to preserve all organizational knowledge that may have been captured to the website.

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