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The Orion Nebula, M3
skyBuilders Translation Management

skyPages content management includes a powerful multilingual page manager. Just as the page series are variants of a generic page, so multiple language versions are also variants that will be served automatically when the browser requests a certain language.

When skyPages gets a request for a Spanish version of page index.html, it looks for a version index.es.html in the file system and serves it.

The great problem with multilingual pages is managing the translation of pages when the main (usually English) version of the page has been changed.

The workFlow system in skyPages can be set to notify page translators who are associated users of the page. When they receive an email notice, translators can simply open the indicated page in their web browser alongside a copy of the master page and make the necessary changes for their locale.

Note that with timeLines scheduling, all these pages, master version and localized versions, can be set to play on the web at a future date.

skyBuilders "gisting" is an arrangement with Altavista Babelfish that can provide a rough computer translation (the "gist" of the text) of any page that is missing its properly translated version.

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