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The Orion Nebula, M3
skyBuilders Web Presentations

skyTalks is our presentations application.

skyTalks provide much of the functionality needed to do online webinars, with multiple participants logged in and able to control the pacing of a presentation. Although there is no true screen sharing (participants cannot control the mouse or keyboard), any participant can become the session's leader and advance the slides.

Presentations consist of a sequence of web pages. They may all come from your website or be external pages serving from anywhere on the web.

To prepare a presentation, the sequence of weblinks is entered, usually with standard time intervals for each page to play. Rehearsal mode allows the presenter to step through the talk, advancing the slides at appropriate moments. All these times are recorded and when the talk is played back, slides are advanced at the right moments. Of course slides may be paused and restarted.

The pacing of the entire talk can be scaled to longer or shorter times, including during the presentation itself. The remaining time of the presentation is displayed so the speaker can easily adjust the remaining slides to fit into the remining time (all slide times are pro rated accordingly).

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