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The Orion Nebula, M3
skyBuilders Collaboration

Collaboration is central to a skyBuilders timeLines toolset.

Every member of the community, whether an employee, an external partner, a client, or a customer served by the community, can be given privileges to read and write appropriate sections of the website.

This includes one or more shared workspaces in "the sky" where documents can be stored and retrieved as necessary. Beyond simple file sharing, our server in the sky can control access permissions so only those files available for a particular user are visible in the File Manager.

Files on one employee's desktop or laptop can be uploaded to the shared workspace through any web browser, greatly increasing group productivity. No more wondering which machine has an important document.

skyBuilders groupware tools include unlimited special interest groups that are easy to join through the web. Each group has its own e-mail facility and threaded forums to capture critical organizational knowledge.

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 Version: 21785 | Series: 21785