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A skyBuilders Project

  The basic function of the Advanced Router is to give the hosts on an internal LAN or DMZ redundant full-service connections to the internet by being connected to two or more ISP networks. In order to provide redundancy, the Advanced Router uses a combination of Network Address Translation, Static Alternative Routes, and Dead Gateway Detection. This is ideal for distributing traffic across multiple low-cost DSL lines. Downtime is reduced, even eliminated by always having a spare line or two operational.

  Physically, the Advanced Router is a commodity personal computer with off-the-shelf ethernet adapters, running Linux with a patched kernel. Configuration preferences are set using a convenient, secure, database-backed web application designed to detect new interfaces and hosts for easy maintenance. For greater redundancy, a second Advanced Router can act as a Tandem Partner, reconfigurable on the fly to take over if the first should require routine upgrades, maintenance, or replacement.

  Turnkey systems are now available! For a very competitive price, receive a new machine installed with Advanced Router in a matter of days. Send us your configuration information, and get it fully pre-configured! Email sales@skybuilders.com or call Bob Doyle at 617-876-5678.

  Key features include:

  • Advanced Rules and Routes
  • Network Address Translation and Filtering
  • Static Alternative Routes
  • Dead Gateway Detection
  • High Availability
  • Load Balancing
  • Tandem Failover
  • RDF Database Schema
  • Easy to use, highly secure web GUI
  More information is available at the skyPipes site.