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The Planet Saturn
Consulting - Quality Assurance

skyBuilders works with external QA teams to examine every piece of your content (depending on how much QA you can afford).

We put an open-source bug reporting system (Mantis) in place and track all issues to final resolution. After a bug has been corrected, the person that originally logged the bug is sent an email alerting that the bug has been resolved and is ready for re-testing. After the bug has been verified fixed by the original author, the status of the bug is changed to closed.

Functionality - all requirements in the requirements document should be traceable in our testing. Any requirements in the requirements document that are not implemented or not implemented as specified in the requirements doc should be classified as a functionality bug.

Usability - these bugs are more of a judgment call. If the way a requirement has been implemented may confuse an average user, we label this a usability bug. These will be a lower priority than functional or technical bugs, but nevertheless very important.

Technology - Standards/Compliance, including 508 accessibility, XHTML. This is where problems in different browsers are tracked. Browser/OS requirements should be found in the requirements document.

Elements of a typical Test Plan

  • Personas (Typical Users)
  • Scenarios (Use Cases)
  • Web-based issue reporting and bug tracking
  • Specific testing steps
    • Browser testing
    • Page/Element testing
      • Page title correct?
      • Page metadata - general plus page-specific keywords
      • Page links all working?
      • Are secure links secure (https)?
      • Page styles correct (CSS applying correctly?)
      • Images have alt attributes
      • Non-layout tables have captions?
    • Template testing
      • Home page template
      • Main section templates, e.g.
        • About Us
        • Membership
        • Resources
        • Education
        • Events
        • Organization
      • Special page templates, e.g.
        • Calendar
        • Member Directory
        • Shopping Cart

We work with you to establish the level of quality assurance and testing that your organization can afford.

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