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The Planet Saturn
Consulting - Content Migration

Content migration can be time-consuming and challenging depending on the technology being used to generate the original website and your choice of new content management system.

skyBuilders has the fastest migration technology in the market for straight html websites.

We capture your site to our servers. We then install a folder at the website root with our timeLines technology. This immediately puts all your content under management.

In the past, systems needed to make companion files for each page to carry metadata. For modern database-backed systems that want to store your content itself in the database, there is usually a time-consuming process of cutting and pasting content into forms.

skyBuilders stores your content in the regular file system and keeps metadata about your content in the database. This means all your content is immediately serving and editable through the web.

When you open our File Manager, all your existing pages are visible, arranged in the original folder and file architecture, and editable with our skyWriter. Any page may be opened and converted to a timeLine Page Series, allowing time and language versioning.

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