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The Crescent Moon

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The Tour is a skyTalk presentation on timeLines and other skyBuilders webWare (someday with audio commentary). The Tour takes about ten minutes if you let the pages advance themselves. If you are a fast reader, you can advance the pages yourself and be done in a few minutes.

Each Tour web page appears in a frame, with a set of navigation controls across the top, and information displays (time readouts) across the bottom. The controls let you pause the Tour, although the elapsed time continues to increment.

You can see at a glance the time remaining in the Tour. A click or two on the watch icon speeds up each page, and the time remaining is adjusted down. If you want to go slower, a click on the hourglass icon will lengthen the remaining time to fit your requirements.

You may use chapter/section links to jump ahead to other Tour pages. From many of these Tour pages, you can skyRocket into timeLines itself, and try what you see on the Tour page. The Tour will automatically pause when you link away from the page. To restart the Tour, press the Play button or the Pause button (which will unpause the Tour).

PausePause the Tour. Press again to restart.
PlayPlay the Tour.
PreviousGo back to the previous Tour page
NextGo to the next Tour page.
FasterSpeed up the Tour. The remaining time will decrease about 20% each time you press this control.
SlowerSlow down the Tour. The remaining time will increase about 20% each time you press this control.
LoopLoop the Tour. When the last page times out, the Tour starts again from the beginning.

The information displays across the bottom show:

  • The elapsed time since the start of the Tour.
  • The current page number and pages total.
  • The remaining time for the current Tour page.
  • The remaining time for the Tour.

Start the Tour in a new window.

 Version: 27938 | Series: 39553