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The web site works on two levels. It has an "outer site" and an "inner site."

The outer site is made up of HTML pages like this one. The inner site is the skyBuilders timeLines database-backed web application itself.

Your own skyBuilders-powered web site will also have these two levels. Your current web site becomes your "outer site." skyBuilders installs a new folder (named "timeLines") at the root level of your web site - this becomes your inner site.

The outer-site pages become visible over the web with skyFiler file manager, and editable over the web with the skyWriter editor. skyFiler and skyWriter are tools included in the inner timeLines site (illustrations below).

If your outer site domain name is, your inner site is located at

Outer Site Home Page Outer Site Content Page
Home Page Introduction

You may navigate these outer-site content pages four basic ways:

Another way to navigate this outer site (and check that you have visited most sections) is to use our Site Map. Links there will be purple for visited sections.

The timeLines inner site has similar methods of navigation, drop-down menus and in-page links.

Inner Site Colors Page Inner Site Events Page
Edit Module Colors Events Module
Inner Site skyWriter Page Inner Site File Manager Page
skyWriter skyFiler

In addition to the outer site (at and inner site (at (, there is also a help site (at

Help Site Page - Welcome Help Site Page - Login
Help Help Login

Some important differences between outer site and inner site:

To enter the timeLines inner site, you must log in as a Guest (anonymous) or as a registered User.      Help with timeLines Login.

Once inside, your User Name or "a Guest" will appear under the skyBuilders logo (and above the Calendar when it is visible). This will be the only guarantee that you are actually inside the timeLines web application (and not in this outer site, which has similar page design elements).

Green links open our Glossary page in a new window. When you click on a green glossary link, you jump to the gloss for that link.

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