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skyBuilders Developer sandBox

The skyBuilders.com sandBox is a special version of a timeLines web site (sandBox.skyBuilders.com) that allows anyone to log in with various levels of permission, to experience all the power of skyBuilders timeLines webWare. Use the Help links on every page to learn about timeLines.

The database behind the timeLines sandBox is reset to default values ocassionally, so nothing is permanent. Be aware that the data in the sandBox may be a bit strange, since others may be logged in as Administrators with full power.

The sandBox allows new members to join, so you can also join and select your own password, change your user settings (e.g., try another language), then log back in to see those changes, or log back in as Administrator to increase your user privileges. (Remember all settings and member records get turned into pumpkins at midnight when we clean the sandBox.)

You may also just go to http://sandBox.skyBuilders.com/timeLines and log in through the normal Login page. Click on the "Apply to Join" button, or use one of the following user names and passwords.

User Name Password Privileges
Guest Guest None - read only
Member Member Normal, enter Events, Reservations
Editor Editor Adds new Pages Series, Event Series, Resources
Admin Admin Can set Member Privileges, Defaults like language, Add or Delete most anything. Please be careful.

The sandBox may also offer early beta versions of new modules.

 Version: 28193 | Series: 32873