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The Andromeda galaxy, M31

skyPages is a web publishing tool to schedule (or "timeLine") HTML pages to appear on the web at a specific date and time. Pages in a given series replace one another in sequence. You may have monthly, weekly, or daily news pages, pages at intervals as small as every five seconds, or pages at arbitrary times. Pages may automatically load the next one in the sequence. They may be frames in a frameset page in which different pages update at different times. Pages may activate embedded multimedia actions (audio, video, animations including Flash, etc.) and act as a multimedia scheduler.

A Persistent Archive allows older versions of a page to be accessed from a link on the current page.

skyWriter is a web-based HTML editing interface with File Download and Upload. Simpler than ftp access, pages can be edited, created, and scheduled by anyone with appropriate permissions, from any web browser.

A skyFooter on every page has several optional elements, which can be turned on and off for each page:

  • A skyWriter link (edit the page on the web)
  • Navigation to Previous and Next Pages in the Page Series
  • A link to the Persistent Archive for the Page Series
  • Post and Read Comments
  • Subscription link to a Forum on the Page
  • Links to Multilingual versions of the Page
  • A Google link to Search the site or the Web
  • Number of Requests for the Page and the Page Series
  • A Powered by skyBuilders™ link
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