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a database,
and a

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You can test drive skyBuilders timeLines on our sandBox site at But to get all the benefits of timeLines, it should be running on your own secure server at your facility or your web hosting data center. That way none of your valuable data is outside your control.

Running your own database-backed web site is getting easier and more affordable every day, but it's not easy. If you already have a relational database system, you are about one-third there. Chances are the tables of the skyBuilders Open Database Model (ODBM) can be created inside your existing database.

If you are running your own web server on the same local area network with your database, you are two-thirds of the way.

The final one-third is to work with a skyBuilders consultant. Perhaps someone on your staff might qualify to become one. Your consultant will verify that your web server hardware and database are ready to add timeLines capability, then work with you to get your webWare up and running. - the webWare company™




You can download timeLines webWare and test it today .



Hardware requirements and installation instructions are on the web.

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