Developers of database-backed webWare need an API and a standard open database model.
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Every application program stores its data somewhere, usually in a proprietary file format impossible to decode without the equally proprietary software. Imagine applications that stored their data in an open standard data model. Then imagine that the code itself was open source. Your information managers could know everything that is going on with your information.

Now such an application might be a little slower than proprietary software, and it might take a little more storage. Programmers traditionally compact code and data structures to save valuable space and time. But with storage costs low and computers blazingly fast, clear, easy-to-read, open-source code is more important than dense code. skyBuilders has designed open-source skyWare that works with an Open Database Model (ODBM) to give you maximum control over your information. This ODBM is implemented on all the major relational database management systems via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) standards. See for more details.

You might buy a better e-commerce or web-publishing package, but would it run out of the same database with your human resources or events schedules? Big corporations are spending millions of dollars to integrate their information into data warehouses and enterprise information systems. Now small enterprises can get the benefits of using one big database. - the webWare company™



Re-use is the holy grail of object-oriented coding practices Now ODBM promises re-use of expensive database schemas.



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