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Information is moving to database-backed web sites. Will your organizaton be competitive?

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In a few years, every organization will have a database of all its information accessible, with permissions, over the world-wide web. Insiders and outsiders will build, maintain, and use a database-backed web site to manage that information.

They will need a small-enterprise information system, including time and knowledge management, events scheduling, timeLined web-page publishing, project planning, presentations, web-based forms, web-based file sharing, group emailing, e-commerce, accounting, and both physical and human resources control.

skyBuilders webWare is a suite of affordable web applications for a community computer. It is modular, so you purchase only those capabilities you really need, but it is ready to grow with no changes in the underlying data model.

Other companies may offer you tools competitive with skyWare, but few of them will provide complete integration of tools at the database level. One big database allows you to produce analyses of your entire enterprise without the great expenses and difficulties of searching across multiple and incompatible proprietary information systems. - the webWare company™




skyBuilders skyWare tool suite is available now.


Want to become a skyBuilder and help us develop webWare?

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