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Software that runs partly on the browser and partly on the web application server is called webWare. The most sophisticated webWare, like our skyWare, keeps its information in a relational database that runs behind the web application server.

Major webWare applications are e-commerce sites, email-based groupware, calendar/scheduling services, web publishing, web file sharing, as well as huge enterprise information systems which are being made web accessible.

Features of some skyBuilders webWare modules are available "free" on the web at advertising-supported web sites, and perhaps you should try some of them to see what your organization really needs.

skyBuilders mission is to provide you the tools to run these services yourself without the ads that make them "free," and without exposing your organization's data on a remote server out of your control. Unfortunately, this means you must pay us for the webWare and incur the cost of running your own web server. But with the rapid decline of web hardware costs and our aggressive pricing plans, you will be surprised how little it will cost to have these services run at your hosting provider or under your own roof. - the webWare company™





See our competitors list for their web addresses.





Download timeLines webWare today and install it on your web server.

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