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Open Database
Open Lexicon produces a web-based small-enterprise information system for a multi-user community computer. Our webWare makes all of an organization's data securely accessible over the web.

skyBuilders webWare runs on a virtual platform we call theSky, supported by Linux, MacOS, and Windows running on most hardware.

Our current products include multilingual timeLined web publishing, navigation portal design, e-commerce, e-learning, threaded discussion forums, events scheduling, resource reservations, group communications, weblogs and aggregators, web presentations, web-based forms, web file sharing, project management, and web-site archiving.

Our tools are open source and based on an open database model (ODBM) for most web servers and relational databases.

skyBuilders hardware products include integrated turnkey web servers, application servers, and database servers. These provide a small organization with in-house web application hosting capability. We also can supply full corporate Intranet/extranet/intranet designs with external firewalls and multiple ISP connections, a DMZ with DNS servers, email servers, and web servers, and an internal firewall to protect database servers, file servers, and workstations. - the webWare company™



Sun's JavaONE Platform and the Microsoft .NET initiative share a lot of theSky philosophy.



Download timeLines webWare today and test its features.

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