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The Crescent Moon
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skyBuilders® and skyBuilt® are registered trademarks of skyBuilders.com, Inc., a Delaware corporation with principal offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The skyBuilders logo image is based on a colorized version of a medieval woodcut sometime ascribed to the astronomer Camille Flammarion. Flammarion added the Sombrero Galaxy (image on our home page) to the original Messier Catalog as M104. There are many colorized versions of this woodcut on the web. Ours is based on an anonymous source. Many other versions are cited by Kerry Magruder.

Astronomical images are copyright as follows:

All pictures altered and composited with star fields by Bob Doyle, skyBuilders.com. Changes copyright 2005 skyBuilders.com.

The CMS Review Glossary is provided under a Creative Commons license by CMSReview.com.

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