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skyCommunity Module

The skyCommunity Module is the Foundation or Core of the timeLines system. It ships with the Welcome Module and the Users Module.

The timeLines Community Module is a community relationship manager - what business calls customer relationship management (CRM).

This Community Module includes dozens of service/utility functions that can be called from any skyBuilt page running in the browser. For example, all visible pages contain context-sensitive Help links. The link calls an openHelp() function in the Foundation with the URL of the Help page on servers.

The entire timeLines interface (especially all the text in drop-down menus, buttons, links, page colors, etc.) is kept in the master database, in six modern languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese). If your organization has a database and database administrator, you may also access the data via a local area network and create custom data views and reports. Note that the 150-odd database tables of the timeLines Open DataBase Model (ODBM) can simply be added to your existing relational database, if your database can be accessed from a web application server via ODBC and SQL calls. See for further details.

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 Version: 5425 | Series: 40583