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Releases | skyNews | skyTour now hosts more than 100 websites with innovative skyBuilders timeLines technology. We also have skyServers running outside our lab/hosting environment. We are partners with the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society to put skyServers in Jamaica in early 2003.

See a listing of some of our leading websites, and the Harvard Alumni Association for Jamaica.

skyBuilders has pioneered technology for low-cost application web servers onsite at medium and small enterprises. When an organization has their database-backed website under their own roof, it can be more easily integrated with their existing databases and desktop applications. But they need firewall security and fault-tolerant connectivity to multiple Internet backbones. The skyBuilders skyPipes project has extended the Linux Firewall Project to provide an open-source very-affordable GNU Linux solution to security and Internet pipe aggregation.


skyBuilders released in late 2002 the first fully-featured cross-platform WYSIWYG editors with no license fees. Now workers unskilled in HTML can also write their organization's web pages.

See builds open-source tools for calendar-driven database-backed web sites. Innovative timeLines technology lets you navigate an organizational database in the time dimension, displaying events, resource schedules, timed web pages, and project tasks.

skyBuilders timeLines modules include navigation portal design, multilingual web publishing, e-commerce, e-learning, threaded discussion forums, events scheduling, resource reservations, group communications, presentations, web-based forms, web file sharing, project management, and web-site archiving.

skyBuilders hardware products include integrated turnkey web servers, application servers, and database servers. These provide a small organization with in-house web application hosting capability. We also supply full corporate Intranet/extranet/intranet designs with external firewalls and multiple ISP connections, a DMZ with DNS servers, email servers, and web servers, and an internal firewall to protect database servers, file servers, and workstations.

skyBuilders™ is a trademark of, Inc., a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

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