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This is Help for the "outer" web site. These pages have a menu bar with two drop-down menus and a Help link.

This is not the general Help for skyBuilders timeLines, which is context-dependent and different for every page. For an explanation of the difference between the "outer site" and the "inner site" that contains the database-backed timeLines web application, see Overview > Site Navigation.

There are two drop-down "select" menus in the menu bar at the top of the page, like the module and context menus in timeLines itself. We use them as a compact navigation tool on these outer site pages to get you familiar with them.

The first menu takes you to a tour of theSky, our newsletter, a tutorial, documentation, and our sandBox demonstration of timeLines. Additional choices are the same as the "piped" links at the bottom of each page.

The second menu takes you to a series of introductory pages, with increasing details.

Just beneath the menu bar are one or two rows of hyperlinks or "navigation bars". The upper row is a "drill-down path" (links separated by > symbols) which shows you where you are in the page hierarchy and lets you quickly jump back up to higher levels. For example: > Documentation > User Manual

Getting Started | Learning timeLines | Using timeLines | Glossary

The second nav bar is a set of links separated by | symbols called "pipes."

Note that the left drop-down menu lets you navigate the same links as this piped nav bar at the bottom of the page.

The skyWriter link at the bottom of a timeLined page lets members with edit privileges edit the page. The Read and Post links allow any visitor to Post a Comment, and Read Comments in a threaded discussion format.

Green links open our Glossary page in a new window. When you click on a green glossary link, you jump to the gloss for that term.

At the bottom of the page is a "piped" navigation bar with links to many other pages in the "outer site."

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