Contractor Obligations, Guidelines, and Compensation:

Rules and Regulations:, Inc. (the "Company") will contract with you to complete a project by a specified date. Projects will be outlined in the contract, but your contact at the Company will always be available for questions or comments. We request that you adhere to standard code formatting procedures but do not require that you do so. The methods and resources you use to complete the project are yours to determine. The hours you work will be determined by you. If you feel additional persons are required to complete the project, you are responsible for hiring and paying such persons. The work space and materials required will be provided by you. The Company will not provide any health, liability, disability or unemployment insurance, you are advised to provide for this yourself. You are at no time limited to working exclusively on projects for the Company but we do remind you of your contractual obligations to us.

Compensation options:, Inc. believes that our real "skyBuilders," you, are valuable to us. Our vision is of a development community in which communication is open, work is recognized, and a personal interest in the company is encouraged, both in a financial and an emotional sense. In order to promote a sense of ownership and in order to offer attractive and competetive incentives to our contractors, we are offering the following compensation options.

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