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Why become a skyBuilders consultant

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What does it cost you?

Over the years, we at skyBuilders have been certified developers for a number of the leading platforms, including Windows and Macintosh. Developer programs were costly, with annual membership fees to subscribe to regular releases of Developer Notes and online or telephone tech support. Acquiring the software tools to be a consultant was a significant investment.

With the low cost of web information, developer programs in the future should be free and that is where skyBuilders starts out. One reason for the low cost is that all development goes on in an online community environment, with open commented news pages, FAQs, and group emailing. Many companies now offer development versions of their software at little or no cost. goes even further. At no cost to you, we provide you server space running demo timeLines sites (approximately 5MB of initial space per site, expandable to 50MB). And your tech support is free, because it comes online from the community of consultants and developers.


Get a demo of timeLines running on your server or ours, and start showing its capabilities to your clients. Get their organizations "timeLined."

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