Bob Doyle

November 2005 - Bob launched the TaxoTips website to identify taxonomies and taxonomy consultants who can help organizations increase the ROI on their taxonomies by adding memography and memetic search.

October 2005 - Inspired by Peter Morville's Ambient Findability, Bob launched the Memography wiki and The Memetic Web blog, developing techniques that greatly increase precision and recall of searches on the world-wide web.

February 2005 - Bob was named one of Twenty to Watch in 2005 by CMS Watch.

2004-present, Contributing Editor of EContent magazine. Bob writes seven print columns a year and twelve online columns for ECxtra. In 2005 he helped EContent editor Michelle Manafy design and build the voting system for the EContent 100.

CM Pros

2004-present, founder and first Executive Director (now Technology Advisor) of CM Professionals, The Content Management Community of Practice. Bob Boiko, Tony Byrne, Frank Gilbane, James Robertson, Ann Rockley, Lou Rosenfeld, Martin White, and twenty other CM Pros got behind Bob's idea of a new professional association.

Bob built the CM Pros public website in September 2004 and serves as principal website designer and programmer. He has watched CM Pros grow to almost 600 members at its fourth international Summit in Boston. CM Pros was named one of the 100 top Content sites of 2005 by EContent magazine.

Chris Lydon

2003 July, created BlogAudio and BlogRadio, to help Christopher Lydon, founding host of NPR's "The Connection," get back on the air with his own radio show. Working with Chris, Dave Winer, and Adam Curry, helped to create the first podcast.

2003-present, Editor-in-Chief, CMS Review, studying the classification and evaluation of content management systems. Helped to organize the third international OSCOM conference at Harvard Law School Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Produced and edited audio/video of the conference sessions which are being webcast.

CMS Review

1999-present, CEO,, developing enterprise web software with son Derek. Wrote fully featured WYSIWYG editor for Mozilla browser.

1994-1998, Digital Video Editor, NewMedia Magazine. Wrote cover stories on Desktop Video, Web Servers, and (with Derek) Serving Dynamic Pages.

Desktop Video Web Servers Serving Dynamic Pages

1993-1995, Desktop Video Columnist, Videomaker Magazine. Wrote stories on Desktop Video, Multicamera Editing.

4-camera editing

1984-1986, 11th certified developer for Apple Macintosh, with Holly and son Rob wrote first desktop publishing program, MacPublisher, in 1984 (before PageMaker). Sold to Letraset in 1986.

MacPublisher III

1980-84, VP, Chief Scientist, iXO, invented Telecomputer, a handheld computer terminal with built-in phone-line-powered modem (cover of Byte magazine, 1982). Raised $13 million in venture capital funding.

iXO Telecomputer iXO Telecomputer, Bob and Holly

1977-1980, Partner with wife Holly and brother-in-law Wendl Thomis, MicroCosmos, invented six electronic games for Parker Brothers, including Merlin, The Electronic Wizard (best selling game of 1980), and Wildfire, a handheld pinball game.

Merlin Wildfire Stop Thief Code Name Sector

1973-1977, CEO of Super8 Sound, invented synchronous sound recorder for Super8 film cameras, with Wendl Thomis and Jay Kirsch.

Super8 Sound Catalog Super8 Sound Recorder

1971-1973, Coordinator, NASA Ground-based Observing Program for the SkyLab missions.


1968-1971, Secretary of NASA Astronomy Missions Board.

Long Range Program

1968-1973, Assistant to the Director of Harvard College Observatory.

1968, Ph.D. Astrophysics, Harvard University


Work with Charles Nesson in Jamaica

Building Christopher Lydon's BlogRadio Studio

Thoughts on Israel/Palestine

The WiFi revolution

Multilingual Internet and Web Jargon

An Open-Source Database Model/Schema

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