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skyTalk is skyBuilders presentation software. Any web page, including a timeLined skyPage, and almost any page on the world wide web, can become part of a skyTalk, served from the shared space of a "community computer."

When many persons view the same skyTalk from different browsers anywhere in the world, all the web pages can be synchronized to turn at the same time. The presentation leader need only depress the "Speaker" control, and those wanting to follow the presentation depress their "Listener" control.

Each web page appears in a frame, with a set of navigation controls across the top, and information displays (time readouts) across the bottom. The number of the current page and the total number of pages are displayed.

A skyTalk gives you all the timing information you need to fit your presentation into the available time. You can see at a glance the time needed to complete your talk as planned. If you are running late, a click or two on the watch icon speeds up each page, and the time remaining is adjusted down. If you get ahead of yourself, a click on the hourglass icon will lengthen the remaining time to fit the schedule.

All the page times are altered in proportion. If one page served twice as long as the others, it still does.

PausePause the presentation. Press again to restart.
PlayPlay the presentation.
PreviousGo back to the previous presentation page
NextGo to the next page.
FasterSpeed up the presentation. The remaining time will decrease about 20% each time you press this control.
SlowerSlow down the presentation. The remaining time will increase about 20% each time you press this control.
LoopLoop the presentation. When the last page times out, the presentation starts again from the beginning.
LoopWhen this control is depressed, a page change is synchronized with everyone who has their Listener control depressed .
LoopWhen this control is depressed, a page change by the Speaker (the Presentation Leader) causes that page to appear in the Listener's skyTalk.

The information displays across the bottom show:

In rehearsal mode, each page waits for your manual advance, and then sets that time as the playing time for the page.

In editing mode, you get a list of all the pages and their playing times. You can rearrange the pages, interpolate or delete pages, and separately edit the playing time for each page.

Any series of timeLined skyPages can be converted easily to a skyTalk.

The little honeycomb "hive" icon at the bottom of a timeLined page lets you jump into the persistent archive for a timeLined page series.

Green links open our Glossary page in a new window. When you click on a green glossary link, you jump to the gloss for that term.

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