skyBuilders timeLines

General Features/Benefits
	100% web-based, cross-platform, universal, password-protected tools
	timeTravel control
	Calendar navigation
	timeLines Window (in addition to chrono vertical listings)
	variable Time Zone support
	generation of power links (skyLink, skyRocket) for convenient, instant navigation into useful areas of the application
	skyLink - direct access into database
		skyLink generator, locates exact view.
	skyRocket - Password field for instant entry to a work point.
	Automatic EMail notification to administrator on Reservations, Event additions, etc.

Help - in Context 2000/06/12

Welcome module
	personal preferences/settings
	PIM - ToDos (Rough draft) 
Members module
	members self-organize into interest groups
	interest group email

Events module Features/Benefits
	Email notification to Admin, member
	Automatic Generation for repeating events
	Associate Members, Attributes
	Search Events for keywords (in descriptions)

Resources/Reservations module Features/Benefits
	Email notification to Admin, member
	multi-item Package reservations
	Click on empty interval in timeLine to reserve at that time
	tentative requests, admin confirms with email
	conflict detection
	Associate Members, Attributes
	item types (people, places, things) receive different handling
Pages module Features/Benefits
	fully schedulable, archivable, static Pages timeLined onto your web site
	Schedule your Pages to be on your site at a certain date/time.  Pages appear in timeLines, click for details, Edit, Prev, Next.
	A Persistent Archive (parc) to list all existing files for this page.
	user commentary (moderatable)
	upload of files and images (sharing)
	Secure file delivery?
	Your Web Pages are editable over the web from the browser - file editing and preview without ftp
	Or, edit in your favorite editor, and upload 
	directory maintenance
	auto-generation of HTML image tags
	Emails of Files for Print Publishers???
timeLines Pages - 

Calendars module Features/Benefits
Tasks module Features/Benefits

Accounts module
	manual double-entry transactions
	balance sheet and income statement

TimeLines module
	cross-scheduling of pan-module entries

Core Development tools
	skyCap - Page Porter tool, translator ASP/VB to Perl


Plans for Calendar Schedule web-based software 1/22/99

Version History.  

Especially what has changed specifically, so we know how to upgrade the database tables.  
Best way to upgrade tables is to copy Globals and Strings to the new system, 
then use Admin to customize them.

Where are Multilingual Strings? On desktop!

Left frame offers a color scheme choice (CSS)
Also offer a date format for onClick output (mm/dd/yy) etc.
Select List for Item Groups
Select Day, Week, Month (horizontal scroll) display

Can we download a small dataset to calendar page, navigate on browser?
Always download month of data?
Click on day to see the schedule for the day.
Sample code for dataset manipulation?.

Put the schedule in a separate frame.
Select which kind of thing to limit display (editing, camcorders, etc.)

Next Days, Next Week controls

Make a JavaScript calendar?  Yes.  It's in the Schedules folder.  
Use imagemaps for calendar, or maybe text link simpler.

Read iCalendar proposed standards RFC 2445?
iCalendar format is 19990129 etc.  Probably not usable by Access!
We can export/import iCalendar standard XML files.

A tough day = gloomy, rainy.
Started out enthusiastic about
Tools for developers
Customizable Scheduling tools
Customizable Imagemap solutions - five sizes 
 - instructions for modifying the calendar art in Photoshop.
ActiveX component solutions (how big is it?)
Java calendar solutions
Holidays, other databases out behind (in files).
Susanna's Rich and Famous dates

Build a single room/facility scheduler for QSS?  a start.

Version .0 early February, 1999

Version .1 2/15/99

Deploy DTVGroup, HRTV
Includes email on reservations

Version .2 3/1/99

Revised Derek interface design - all pages to no scroll needed.
Added individual passwords.
Added AdminFrames, AdminAddItem, Admin Globals, AdminStrings, etc.
Added Globals, Buttons, Strings Tables to database.
Made new ScheduleHRTV, ScheduleQSS folders
CCTV deployment on MediaOne Proxy.

Version .3  3/8/99  - about the third major deployment.

ScheduleDay now horizontal or vertical.
Added AdministerTitles.asp - new fields in Strings for FirstName, etc.
Added unQuote, reQuote functions in Edit, Details, AdminEditItem, ReserveItem, ReviewReservations, topRight, others?
Added EMailGroup.asp
41 files + 2 gifs in Schedule3HRTV
Installed at CCTV, HRTV, DTVGroup, Cyberarts, QSS

AdminGlobals Language SELECTED update
reQuote to avoid Null in topRight.asp -Cyberarts, DTV
Change BGImageURL to StartPassword in AdminGlobals.asp -Cyberarts, DTV
ReserveItem.asp eliminated Password, Return to Schedule > back, fixed "Nothing in" 

This was a mistake. Replaced 'back' with document.returntoScheduleForm.action =
ScheduleDay, ScheduleWeek.  Set parent.timeUnit 
Calendar.asp setFullYear > setYear
ReviewReservations.  Added Cancel Reservation when myStart = ""

Version .31 - BFVF, CCTV, Cyberarts, DTV, HRTV, MassArt, QSS 
DataCodeDay, ScheduleWeek had mailto://, removed //
added NOT s = "" to unQuote

ScheduleDay needed self.DataCodeDay for Nav 3
New SearchFrames with WelcomeSplash, uses Large.gif
AdminFrames, ResourcesFrames, etc. all now 75 pixels fixed, Also ScheduleDay
removed "New" test from AdminStrings (put in Scriptlets)

Version .32 - BFVF, CCTV, Cyberarts, DTV, HRTV, MassArt, QSS

80 pixels for HeaderDay, DisplayHeader

Version .4  3/20/99  - first draft of Event Calendar (16 new pages)

EventsFrames, TOCEditEvents called from Calendar button in topRight
DisplayDataCode now creates EventTime, EventLength (half-hour increments)
BuildPage calculates COLSPAN for variable length entries.
DisplayHeader has sleek <<< << < > >> >>> controls.
EnterEvents, EventsPassword, EditEventsFrames, WhichEvent, EventAdd, EventAddSub.
Added Events, SubEvents, Member_Event, Member_SubEvent, EventGroups, Event_EventGroup, Places, PlaceGroups, Place_PlaceGroup - now 19 tables in mdb.
Saturday March 20, 1999 in topLeft 
Systematic passalong of memberID, firstName, lastName (Scriptlets)
Deploy initially only to DTVGroup, and CCTV with Channels.

3/28/99  Adding a Session Object to collect JavaScript Errors and Email them to me.
Needed to make Schedule an Application in MMC.  Set Timeout to 2 minutes.
PASSWORD Challenge Points. Add collection of member info to ResourcesPassword, EventsPassword, Edit, AdminPassword?

3/30/99 Added DeleteMember.asp. New Strings field, New TOCAdmin.
3/31/99 Added Errors Table, EMailErrors.asp

Version .41  4/2/99 - whichPlace, whichView, DisplayWeekText (TVGuide for DTVGroup)
Added EventEdit, URLEncode in DisplayEventsFrames
TrapErrors testing, but not in deployed .41
Deploy to CCTV - but never showed them.  They need smaller calendar.

Version .50 4/8/99 - initPage > setCalendar, changePage > changeDate, buildPage > buildTimeLines, rewriteCalendar(fillCalendar) > buildCalendar.  "build" now refers to a completely dynamic JavaScript page built "on the fly".
storeDate now two functions > syncDates, submitScheduleForm
Eliminates double refresh of pages.
More bug-free, cnumEventLines dead?
New Outer Frameset for wide Schedule DisplaySchedule frame.
New HREF calendar, small in topLeft.  Highlights the Schedule Day.
HREF NAV bar for DisplayHeader.
Now has 65 files in Schedule.50 folder
Deploy to CCTV without whichEventGroup SELECT.

Version .51 4/11/99 Many fixes for Navigator 3.
Deploy to CCTV, Cyberarts.
Note CalendarLabel > ScheduleLabel in Strings db. Painful minor change.
Added someDate object to handle date change within month in buildCalendar().
Replaced Calendar.asp in CCTV, Cyberarts, Schedule.51 (fixes Nav 3 crash).
HREF="" > HREF="Blank.asp" in Calendar, topRight, DisplayHeader
4/21/99 Fixed passalong bugs in AdminFrames, AdminPassword 

Version .52 4/24/99 
Deployed to Cyberarts, 
.51 have broken ReserveItem since 4/9/99 '" <%= memberID %>"' quoted "14"
Fixed Double 9AM, Every other reservation, Loss of whichItemGroup in HeaderDay
Made DTEnd 9:00 > 8:59, same day morning > next day in Reserve(Day)Item 
Took RSTableList .MoveFirst out of 11 places
4/25/99 AdminEditItem Notes fixed, unQuote now uses CHR(39) only
Fixing unQuote/reQuote throughout, but never finished.

Version .60 5/3/99
topRight > Logo.asp (News, Events, Resources, Members w/ hilite)
Logo, LogoNews, LogoEvents, LogoMembers  
Edit, Report, Administer show up if Privileges (NewsPriv, etc.)
Outermost Frameset "Frames.asp" passes ScheduleString, hides QueryStrings
and most important, stores persistent client-side state information.
New Password challenge on entry, Guest entry with Privileges if AllowGuests
Personalization string, Schedule for Bob Doyle
Tighten up HeaderDay, DisplayHeader date to Thursday, May 4
DB changes, NewsLabel, AdminPriv, etc. 5/4/99
Widen ScheduleDay (add fifth DisplaySchedule frame)
Globals for whichItemGroup, etc. Init in Frames, save User temps in Frames.
Home now returns to StartFrames (WelcomeSplash = link). Icon goes to Org HomePage. Hilite Edit, Report to give TAB look. 5/5/99
Build new ScheduleWeek from ScheduleDay, HeaderDay > HeaderWeek, etc. 5/7/99
resetScheduleString function in DataCodeWeek calls buildCalendar
Remove OldDisplaySchedule frame from ScheduleWeek, ScheduleDay
Comment out Response.Write in DataCodeDay, DataCodeWeek (fast downloads) 5/8/99
ReserveItems now has StartDate, StartTime, EndDate pull-down menus
ReserveItems > ReserveItemsRules, ReserveItemsRecords - hiliting
5/11/99 - save Schedule folder
ReviewReservations > ReviewReservations, add UpdateReservations, using the new ReserveItems interface 5/12/99
Tentative Reservations 5/13/99
Admin Reservations 5/14/99
39 fixes of .location > .location.href  Navigator needs...
EventsFrames > EditEventsFrames, TOCEditEvents
EditResourcesFrames, TOCEditResources
EditMembersFrames, TOCEditMembers
AdminEventsFrames, etc. TOCAdminEvents
AdminResourcesFrames, etc. TOCAdminResources
AdminMembersFrames, etc. TOCAdminMembers  5/14/99
Added EditColors.asp for 13 colors 5/15/99
5/20/99 Removed ReviewReservations, ReserveItem submit() from Calendar.asp
Added "Mark All Completed" to ReviewReservations
Deploy to DTVGroup6, CCTV6, HRTV6, QSS6? 
Turn on AdminAddPlaceGroup, AdminAddPlace, Add AdminDefaults
JavaScript Global passalong variables, working in Logo(s)

Version .61  a fairly stable version of all above changes
Deploy to CCTV6, BFVF, DTVGroup6
Needs AdminDefaultsTOC in Strings.db
Appearance - more BGCOLOR = <%= Color %>
Lots of small bug fixes - cnumItems undefined, empty groups (Audio, Classes) now update/write blank DisplaySchedules.
Take out all alerts, Response.Writes, 
Fit/Finish - eliminate borders between all frames.
Help in Logo 
Home/News/Events/etc. Balloons in Logo (for IE4 so far.)
Add/Delete Interest (Members Admin).

Version .62 added Help and EventDetails, as new Window or Frame.
Members db now has balloonsOn, whichPlaceGroup, whichItemGroup,etc.
Load these as globals in Frames. No balloons on Mac for now
Add PersonalDefaults.asp to set all these and rewrite globals.
Added balloon messages as status messages to Logo.
New Member now gets default privileges and settings from Globals.
Each member has personal settings, Language, whichItemGroup, etc.
Deploy to DTVGroup6, CCTV6
Add DELETE FROM Reservations to AdminAddString before Deleting an Item.

Version .63  6/12/99
Five foreign languages: interface and help balloons, status
Numerous changes to Admin pages, now tailored to modules
Deploy to BFVF, CCTV6, Cyberarts, DVTGroup6, MassArt, Schedule6HRTV

Version .64  7/17/99
New Login - Name or Email, Forgot your password, etc.
Edit Events, SubEvents, Delete Events, SubEvents (CCTV needs).
Using #include file = directives.
Added conflict detection to ReserveItem 7/26/99
Added English to Languages, Members/Default
Edit Button in Generated SubEvents
BGColors, Strings in Details, Show, Results, etc.
Added Month to Nav bar in HeaderWeek

Version .65 8/3/99
Added Edit SubEvent from Timeline (via EventDetails) in a Window. 7/30/99
(only if Member owns Event or is Admin (EventsPriv = 5))
Edit A Reservation from Timeline 8/3/99
(only if Member owns Reservation or is Admin (ResourcesPriv = 5))
versionNumber now updated by Frames.asp
Deployed to CCTV
Added EventAttributes and AdminEventAttributes 8/6/99
Add Strings2 Table (Select, Option Strings, later News)
"First Name" > "FirstName" in Members, Strings.
Added SubEventAttributes and AdminSubEventAttributes 8/6/99																																																				   Added AdminSelects to Create Drop-Down Lists
Added WhichEventsReport (for CCTV) > WeekListing 8/15/99
Added Delete to EventEditSub (need from Timeline)
Added conflict detection to EventAddSub and EventAddSubs
Added Cablecast.asp Report for CCTV

Version .66 8/18/99
Added EventMember.asp, EventMemberSub.asp 8/18/99
	(Associate Members with Events, SubEvents)
Added VirtualColumns, VirtualColumnText, VirtualColumnMemo Tables
Renamed MasterEvents > Events
Reworked Event/SubAttributes, Admin/SubEventAttributes, Cablecast.asp
New EventReport(CCTV)
Added Delete functions to EventEdit (Event and SubEvents)
Orphaned EventWhichSub, EventDelete, TOCEditEventsEditSub
New Dialog.asp - Are you sure?  uses JavaScript

Version .67 8/20/99?
Temp Timelines Window, new DisplayDataCode, LogoEvents, DisplayHeader, Frames
Derek says OK to deploy Frames - in CCTV.66 - new code not called?
Events no longer need dates/times (only SubEvents have them).
Eliminated from EventAddSub, EventAddSubs

Derek's TimeTraveller working (9/3/99, designed 6/28/99)

Version .70  9/8/99 (first draft complete 9/18/99)
New Architecture - Derek's One level of Frames only
New Frames > CalendarDataCode, TOCDataCode, MenuDataCode, ControlsDataCode, TimeLinesDataCode
At same level are CalendarFrame, TOCFrame, ControlsFrame, MenuFrame
So all calls are parent.
Almost the whole interface is built in JavaScript.
Globals whichPlaceGroup > whichPlaceGroupID (complete? 9/17/99)
TimeLines Window now handles both Events and Resources. (soon Custom Combinations)
Debug (if name = Doyle) in Globals table accesses DataCode pages, JStimeWhere logs.
New EditColors has Web-Safe Pallette and Named Colors 9/13/99
Added Select boxes to Resources, Events TimeLines
Events files fixed, reuse as News files 9/15/99
Resources files fixed, renamed > ReservationEdit, etc, reuse as Calendars, Accounts
New order - Report, Edit, Admin - many functions moved.
TimeLines window focus() control (in MenuDataCode)
Make Reservation from empty TimeLines cells (emptyCellAction).
Menu offers Accounts, Shop, Calendars, Tasks, TimeLines, About...

Version .71 9/22/99 
NewsWindow loads NewsFrames.asp> NewsDataCodeFrame, NewsBannerFrame, NewsTOCFrame, and NewsFrame.  (One great week of Derek work)
NewsBanner.asp includes TimeTraveller and Select for Publications
NewsDataCodeFrame has buildNewsTOC, buildNews.  These are called from special Blank pages as onLoad scripts to avoid unspecified (timing) errors on first load.
Standard Dims and vars for IDs and Privs in Frames
Accounts - enter values only
Calendars - appear in TimeLines Window
CalendarColor > CalendarsColor, etc.
New db fields in Globals, Members - run Privs + setID queries
New fields - AccountsPriv, CalendarsPriv, TasksPriv
New fields - whichCalendarID, whichCalendarGroupID, whichTeamGroupID, whichTeamID, whichSetID
New db tables - for Accounts, Calendars, Tasks,
EditMembers transfers defaults to NewMembers
Tasks, Calendars Modules drafted and running
Accounts (Admin only, move under Shop)
TimeLines Module (9/28/99 - multiple lines from different modules)
EntryAdd.asp (old EmptyCellAction) generalizes clicks on TimeLines*
New db tables for TimeLineSets, TimeLines (in Sets)
New AdminEditSort(AddDeleteGroupItem).asp - one size fits all
Calendar 6th week and Netscape empty cells fixed (Derek)
Zero-pixel DataCode frames now disappear. (used same color as background)
Package Reservations - Create Package, detects all Item conflicts 10/4
Half-hour DTMenus (Corey)
EMail to New Member

Version .72 10/14/99
Added ScopeID to all Groups, Items, Calendars, etc.
Added Divisions, Departments, Division_Department, Member_Division, Member_Department tables
Add NewsHeaderFrame (Dateline), later NewsFooterFrame
ArticleAddEdit replaces ArticleAdd, ArticleEdit > offers URL, File, Text sources 
Added TimeTraveller Readout, CaptionStrings > 13
Dateline generated by JS, later world formats
Added time (date) to EventName in the table cell.
Generalized AdminEditItem, fixed AdminEditSortItem
New Memberships table, new fields in SubEvents, Reservations
New Fields in Reservations, SubEvents, Members
New Accounts, Transactions, Account_Transaction, LineItems Tables
New Member_CartItem, Categories, Category_Group, CategoryGroups Tables
ProductTypes, Products Tables (now like Events, SubEvents)

Version .73  11/3/99
Events > Event Series, SubEvents > Events in the user interface.
AdminEditSortAccount.asp, AccountReport.asp, TxAccountSelect.asp
Eliminated AccountGroups (all done with Containers), Account_Transaction > TxAccount
11/5 AdminHyperTreeCatalog.asp, Category_Category, Categories (eliminates CategoryGroups)
11/6 New multilingual EnterSchedule (needs Strings2)
11/7 New ModuleOn settings in AdminDefaults - can choose Modules to Show/Hide
11/8 TimeTraveller shows default scope.
11/8 Fixed Place to show in EventEdit, EventAddSub, etc.
11/8 Made SubEventDescription a Memo field.
11/8 ArticleSeries URL, Name > 250 chars, Articles Name, Head, URL > 250, Description > Memo
11/8 Reservations Notes > Memo
11/8 ShopPriv, TimeLinesPriv, NewsOn, etc. fields in Globals
11/8 New Balance, MemberNumber (allow zero) fields in Members
11/8 Frames.asp now called TimeLines.asp (change in code only)
11/10 Add Member_Membership table, Reminders, Strings3, Taxes
Import Strings3, Taxes with Definitions and Data

Version .74 11/22/99
New design for OBJdbConnection, an include file (, with the new database name generic "TimeLines.mdb." Everything then keys off the Folder name.  For now, we will leave the names on each db. So DTVGroup > orgName in file. (1 change) calculates orgPath automatically
Deleted DisplayWeekText, DisplayWeekHalf, Frames, ReserveItemOld, EventDelete .asps
Netscape bug fixes - Add and Delete Event Series, strange JavaScript setTimeout problems.
Now have Members/Admin/Add A Member
After Apply To Join, added a Log In button to Edit Member Info
Remove Apply to Join from Welcome TOC if already a Member (i.e., not a Guest)

Version .75 12/7/99
Added clickable Today date to Calendar
TimeTraveller captions added Month for more clarity
EventsListing now in table format (colored Events)
CalendarDataCode quantizeScope now has saveHour, saveMinute for return to low scopeID
New Show TimeLines (Show News) button in TOC to reopen closed TimeLines (News) Window
Added fields to TOCStrings2 - ShowTimeLinesTOC, ShowNewsTOC
Set all initial defaults to 0 in the Blank74 database. (caused many init errors)
Handled initialization (when GroupID = 0) 12/8/99
- AdminEditSortItem, EventAdd, EventWhich, AdminEditItem
TimeLinesDataCode tests for valid PlaceGroupID, ItemGroupID, TeamGroupID, CalendarGroupID
Also SearchShared.asp (for zero InterestGroups)
Added Cookies to EnterSchedule, SchedulePassword

Version .76  12/12/99
New DirectoryReport.asp based on AccountReport.asp, removed GetGroupContained (unused).
PublishingFrames.asp frameset (for Admin - Directories and Files panes).
PublishingTOCFrame with directory tree, EditFrame laods with AdminEditSortDirectory. 
PublishingTOCBlank, PublishingBlank

Took a week off to finish Merlin with Derek
Upgrade HRTV to .74/.75
12/23/99 Building AdminEditSortDirectory for remote web admin of the News files.
	(Sorting does not make sense - or at least is hard to do)
12/27/99 Revise DirectoryReport to store open/closed info in JS frameset, to survive reload.
New PageEdit.asp from parts of Publish.asp and ArticleAddEdit.asp
12/28/99 Redesign AdminEditSortDirectory to use containerID technology for deep paths? No, just search the file system itself for path names, then no limits.  No Directories table needed.
PageSchedule.INC (checks if page is scheduled - current), 
PageCurrent.INC (returns currently scheduled page),
PageParc.INC (1 for each PageSeries)
PageIndex.INC (1 for each directory)
New Pages, PageSeries tables
New uses Request.ServerVariables("APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH") instead of server.mappath
12/30/99 Replace .parc file with .parc.html so browsers open (instead of downloading)
Replace UnixEpoch (9 digits) with human-readable TimeLines time 19991230140944
12/31/99 PageWhich, PageEditFrames, PageEditHTML, PageEditMetadata, PageUploadFile
PageHive.INC replaces PageParc, 
PageReport, PageFrames, AdminEditSortPage, PageBlank, PageTOCBlank
Adopt new date format 2000/01/01 for documentaton
New Comments, CommentsDeleted, Directories, Member_Membership, Pages, PageSeries
2000/01/07 Added PageComment, PageCurrent, PagePreview,
Fixed Y2K, getYear()->getFullYear() CalendarDataCode, TimeLinesDataCode
2000/01/11 Add Help pages (soon to run from
2000/01/11 Removed 9 Article TOCStrings (also from database?)

Version 0.80 2000/01/17 now uses two single-quotes to escape single quote
EventEdit needed unQuote.
Now pass along StringsID
TimeLinesDataCode fixes 'Line 479 Access is denied' - trying to write to a Window (Blank) where no document exists. TimeLines Window now loads BlankTimeLines as default. BlankTimeLines onLoad (Derek) calls buildTimeLines(). 2000/01/31
EnterSchedule now does Browser check - rejects < 4.0IE, 4.1Nav
SchedulePassword now in JS, gets server and browser Times, TimeZones
New Log table (of logins)
Added log field to Globals, EnterSchedule INSERTS, SchedulePassword UPDATES
New, files 
DTMenuSelects now sets spin boxes to DTStart, DTEnd 2000/02/02
Fields in Member_SubEvent not zero-length (was in .76?)
Log In from Apply to Join (EditMember.asp)

2000/02/02 New architecture can Publish to Parent Folder of TimeLines
Derek amazingly productive - 
New File Structure - TimeLines down one folder from "Schedule"

2000/02/03 TimeLines can now jump to any time interval instantly.
EventsListing now has link to details. now in all pages (53 changed)
DTStart replaces SubDTStart - generalize for 16 users
DTMenuSelects now synchs spin boxes in EventForm to Start/End times 
New ResourcesListing.asp (with links to Reservations)
New Table Member_Reservation, Associate Members with Reservations
New ReservationMember.asp
ReservationEdit was broken - Execute was after Redirect!
Now edit Associated members directly from Details
TimeLines (Events, Resources) now White when Associated with memberID
uses new FindAssociates() function in TimeLinesDataCode
TimeLines.asp closeWindow() function replaces many functions, 
and onUnload of TimeLines now closes all windows.
- Causes a problem with TimeLinesWindow (Derek commented out close)
EnterSchedule.asp is now index.html (handled by asp preprocessor)
Change to index.html in 13 files - Password, EditMember, TimeLines, DateAdd, ReserveItem, index.html
DateStrings had no data in Blank80.mdb, added Day, Day2 strings
2000/02/07 Fixed AdminDefaults - prevent null whichPlaceID
SkyLinks design added to TimeLines.asp, TimeLinesDataCode.asp, CalendarDataCode.asp (setCalendar(522), ChangeTargetMS(717)), TOCDataCode.asp 
(if parent.skyLink tests) {New Frameset, writes to new TimeLines frame}
var firstLink = True, False at end of TimeLinesDC, skip buildTimeLines
BlankSkyLinks was loading buildTimeLines too early, eliminate it.

Version .81
2000/02/08 Added skyLink in TimeLines and skyLink generator
2000/02/09 SchedulePassword now called Password.asp
Refine TimeTraveller MAP, take out breaks, add Now, Help
Added NowLabel to Strings table
Deploy to BFVF, CCTV, DTVGroup, Dudley, HRTV
Major problems with Blessed folders. Set all to Script, Write, removed Web Sharing from CCTV
2000/02/11 Members with Edit privileges automatically associated with Reservations and Events (will hilite). Admin NO.
Articles pages abandoned.
Help pages for Welcome, Events, Resources, Members, Pages
"News" > "Pages" in Strings, redeploy to above sites.

(2000/02/12 Build ASPtoPerl parser, porter, converter with Rob.)

Version .82 2000/02/14
(A really great week of work for Derek, Pages implementation)
JS version of Password and Handles time zones better.
Major - Removed all Articles, Sections, Publications asp pages (~30)
Remove 6 db tables - Articles, ArticleSeries, Publications, Publication_Section, Sections, Member_ArticleSeries
Changes in Strings(Dudley Fax), Help, Globals, Members, TOCStrings, TOCStrings2, Modules, Strings3, MemoStrings 
Remove Publication, Section, Articles from all code.
News > Pages in all code, filenames
DataCode > Builder in all code, filenames
Controls > Contents in all code, filenames
typeWriter() function - Loading, please wait! - in Directory
SearchMember, Results now require two characters
Admin Emulate Member
AdminEditMember modernized
Multiple Matches on login prevented
DeletedMembers table?
2000/02/18 Pages now display in timeLines!
New PageDetails.asp, PageDetailsFrames.asp
Password now checks for Javascript on in the browser (new MemoStrings) 

2000/02/21 Take off a week to write skyCap Porter (ASP to Perl)
Original skyCap version written by Rob 02/13.
Now runs from skyCap folder in Perl folder, source Schedule/TimeLines, target Perl/TimeLines.

2000/02/29 Now in second week of skyCap.  All but one core page now ports correctly.  Today Derek added a Description block and section comments to core ASP pages.  These all port to Perl, etc., to provide documentation.

2000/03/01  Back to .82
ChangePassword now implemented in a new ChangePasswordWindow
Emulate Member Name added to Logo.asp
Deployed .82 to BFVF, DTVGroup, Shawmut, CSV, CTC, (Dudley?, CCTV? - no)
Eliminate some code that does not Port easily? varType, 
Removed DateSerial, Replace with DateAdd (EventAddSubs + 5 places)
EventAddSubs needed memberID returned in Form (Derek added Auto Associate)
New policy, OpenTextFile for Writing, OpenAsTextStream for Reading
Fixed ReserveItem.asp
About now goes to 0,0 Help

Version .83  2000/03/01
Great new interface design - Pull-down menus for Modules, Contexts(Functions)
FramesBuilder - frame-based allows collapse/expand Calendar
New Publish Pages/Images interface - with Fast directory loading.

New Features in Welcome TOC (PIM within Org)
	Preferences (Info, Interests, Initial Settings)
	To Do (Tasks) 2000/03/08
	Appointments (Calendars)
	Contacts (People)
	Memos (Pages)
	Links (Bookmarks)
	email (web-based)
needs New TOCStrings2
EventsListing, ReservationsListing vertical timeLines technology 2000/03/10.
http:// is removed from code, it must now be in the Globals, fix all on deploy
EventAddSub, EventAddSubs not getting PlaceID, PlaceGroupID
Fixes to Pages
New MemberDetailsPriv in Globals - limits access to Details
Add ItemType to Items, Person, Place, Thing
Case determines whether Record of Loans, Associate Favorites, etc.
New Member_Member table, for "Favorites" list, need Include/Exclude in SearchResults
Publish Images - a new TOC entry, later part of Publish Pages

Reservations now Associates Favorites with check boxes

Major interface redesign - don't release .83, go to .85?
Eliminate Menus (Text Strings), SubMenus, TOC!
Replace with Module and Function/Context Drop Down Boxes (Two levels only)
Maximize work space buttons [<] and [>]
Back up partial .83 for the record?

PublishPages (Publish Window) complete redesign, with 50/50 and all HTML [v], all Preview [^] buttons
Added TIME to ScheduleString, (blows away timeLines quantization?)
Also blew away Resources, Events start times = Now()
Menus contain >Welcome pseudo-options to allow return

Help 0.83 now a separate directory
Added editYear() to CalendarBuilder.
Added 12 months selectable to CalendarBuilder
Added SortNum to Member_Member
Admin and Reservation bypass Details from the timeLines window, go straight to Edit.
Added PagePassword (rewrite of index.html) PageLogin.asp (rewrite of PageEditHTML?) to Allow browsers with cookies = Admin to enter a password, and go to mArc instead of pArc.
Globals lengths now 250 chars
MemoStrings (mostly Text! now 250 chars)
New TOCStrings2
New MemberDetailsPriv, MailServer, and LoginColor in Globals
New LoginString, WelcomeCustom in MemoStrings

Removed at/GoToStrings from timeLines.asp
logoFrameHeight > 110 from 90

Added EditFavorites.asp and EditFavoriteNotes.asp (includes Public Notes)
New PublicNote memo field in Members, Note field in Member_Member

Much work on Edit a Page, Upload an Image.

Copied Help folder to skyBuilders, replaced /Schedule > /skyBuilders (2002 times)
But this requires the Pages data in Schedule - which conflicts with skyBuilders - careful

.83 for CTC has the default Reservations interval = scopeID/intervalMS (1 hour), instead of our elastic - length of available space. Later offer this as admin setting?
.83 for CTC suppress Reservation listing for the Item
Show Reservations List in Reserve Item only for Things.

We have not yet made a Schedule.83 - prepare to deploy Golf site, new sites for others?
Start with Blank83.mdb

New ReserveRepeatItem.asp
Lots of bug fixes, IE5, Publish Pages, TOCBuilder timing error on load (which was difficult, went to TOCFrameFlag solution)
New Bugs Email Excerpts
Add DTStamp field to Reservations table
Another skyRocket, for Schedule.
Refresh timeLines? use the miniTimeTravel
Added VerticaltimeLinesSwitch to Globals

2000/04/27 (Derek is away)
Enlarged arrays in ReserveItem to 1000, needs redesign.
escape URL DT stuff in ReserveItem (call to ReserveRepeatItem) - breaks Navigator.
Changed Back link in PageComment.asp to javascript:history.back(), this was the reason we were invading MediaOne - link was //News// no http://  Derek fixed path.
Make a Blank.83.mdb - some easy way? Definitions only save?

Derek redesigned DTMenus to separate lines of Start End select boxes (great)
New Globals field FirstNameOption = None, Initial, or Name in Reservations
Added DTEffective to Transactions
Bob added StartHour back, in Password.asp (also in TimeLines.asp - unnecessary?)

Derek implements skyRockets.  Lots of timing issues. 
skyRocket needs to be at end of buildFoundation().  
So does setCalendar() from CalendarBuilder (line 247 unspecified error). 
*** New debugWindow, write JSTimeWhere there. (causes line 77 error on close)
Module and Context as the names of the two drop-down menus. (Context-sensitive skyRocket)

Add new DTMenus to Calendars DateAdd.asp, DateEdit.
Dates field Notes changed to Memo field.
New DTMenus throughout, TO DO and Tasks still incomplete
(Delete 7 old files)
Calendars now displays Title (up to a CR) in timeLines, full text in Details

Version .84 2000/05/12
= accumulated .83 changes
Major Feature List items?

Calendar with months and editable year.
Publish now has tri-panel window, skyView, Master Archive
miniTimeTravel icon to refresh timeLines window
Repeating reservations (like repeating Events)
Move a Reservation/Date (to another timeLine, even in another Group)

New DTMenus 
New JSTLCodeLoc (version of framesref), provides context of where caller is

Derek adds TimeZone handling (especially for Calendars module) DateAdd, DateEdit
New userZone and userZoneOffset (join browserZone and serverZone).
Deploy .84 to DTVGroup (Jeff testing Calendars with AVAvenue)

Deploy .84 to CTC.  Check all database fields up to date.
Strings now has Reservations instead of Resources.  Help files need changing.
Rearrange fields in Globals, prep for proprietary partition.
Add serverZone field to store info for VBScript (from server JScript!)

Big Continuous Contextual Help design. (Wonderful hard Derek 
Remove Add An Event, Add Many Events from TOC (drop down).

Items new field ItemType
Member_Reservations SubEventID > ReservationID

Moved all BobIBM sites to (remove all links)

skyRocket/skyLink with ScheduleString
Members Associated with Event
Sign Up for Events link

OpenTimeLinesString "Click on date.." in EventsListing, ReservationsListing, new .asp?
Clone a Reservation
Tasks Design --- 
Tasks table New Fields TaskPriority, TaskStatus, TaskDTEstimatedEnd
Projects.ProjectName Allow Zero Length

Remove (Sign Up for Events) Link
Deployed all to CTC (Clone Reservation, etc.)

Added Refresh timeLines (Javascript in CalendarBuilder, TimeLinesBuilder) 
Always resets to Refresh = none on open. on module change?
Drop reQuote for Memo fields (aimed at TEXTAREAs) 
Start with EventEditSub, EventEdit, EventDetails

Can skyWrite a non-scheduled (plain HTML) page.
Globals table New Fields ToolsPriv, ToolsOn
Members table New Field ToolsPriv
Strings table New Field ToolsLabel
Strings3 table New Fields UploadLabel, DownloadLabel, RestoreLabel
TOCStrings2 table New Fields PublishServerPagesTOC, AdminDataModelTOC, SiteMonitorTOC
New Table serverPageLog - Fields PageName, DTStamp, ModificationCommentary

Bob focus() in SearchMember, AdminSearchMember (also added memberID round trip)
Removed Password from NewMember for Admin (ShowLogin = False)
Cloned 0.84 Help as 0.85 Help folder

Version .85 2000/06/30

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