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Jesse Burkhardt

A 2U is a rack mountable computer. The U refers to a minimum unit height; about 20 2Us can theoretically inhabit a refridgerator sized full rack - though consideration should be given to rack mount KVMs and hubs.

The list below pertains to Intel motherboards 815EEA2LU, which require a device driver install CD in addition to the driver set included in the Windows 2000 OS installation. This means that more catholic type hardware configurations may not need the additional driver CD.

  1. Windows 2000 OS Install - use defaults
    1. except: Remove Front Page from IIS components
    2. except: Add Network Diagnostics (SNMP) components

  2. Install Intel motherboard device drivers (check for correct corresponding CD) - select all except Norton AV

  3. Patches (from \\sky1u\e\pc-mac\patches)
    1. Service Pack 2
    2. Service Pack 3
    3. Code Red
    4. W2K Heap Overrun
    5. MDAC Overflow

  4. XML4 (from \\sky1u\e\pc-mac\xml)
    1. InstMsiW.exe (may be optional)
    2. msxml4.msi

  5. Extra (from CDROM)
    1. System Center NAV 7.5 (use CD 2 Unmanaged Client)

The following is a list of things recommended not for our own installations, but for servers we may build for the benefit of external clients, i.e., servers that are to be shipped offsite. The list items are there basically so that other Windows machines connected to a skyServer over a LAN can have immediate access to useful patches, browser upgrades, etc. - in other words, things to improve both general and skyBuilders scenerios. These things should be placed into an auxiliary general utilities folder somewhere visible on the shipping system. They should not actually be installed, as most of them already will have been.

  1. Non-essential Additions
    1. Service Pack 2
    2. Service Pack 3
    3. Code Red
    4. W2K Heap Overrun
    5. MDAC Overflow
    6. InstMsiW.exe (may be optional)
    7. msxml4.msi
    8. IE6 Browser Upgrade
    9. Mozilla Browser Upgrade
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