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skyEvents Features

Events is a web-based Scheduling application to schedule HTML pages for dynamic appearance of otherwise normal static pages on the web. Events can be scheduled for specific venues (physical or virtual places) and then conflicts will be detected if someone else schedules the same venue. Each venue becomes a timeLine. Events can be organized into Events Series, with a Master Events Description, and other key attributes stored at the Events Series level. Individual Events can also have descriptions (e.g., ). When Events Details are displayed, both descriptions are reported.

Time Zone Management 
	All times sent to browser (EntryStart, EntryEnd) need TZ correction
	Perhaps Places need time zones associated, Items?
	User indicate which time zone in Event Description?
	Notify user if browser in a different time zone
	Server work always in GMT?
	TZ drop down in timeLines window, which adjusts display and adjusts Start and End times appropriately.  CAREFUL - relativity problems.

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