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Download and Install timeLines

ftp download the file and unzip it inside your web site.

The set of unzipped files will include:

You should be familiar with running Internet Information Server and ASP with VBScript. It helps if you have some experience with databases. JavaScript is a plus since all the browser/client-side code is in JavaScript.

You have three possible locations for the web site, each requiring different settings in the Internet Service Manager (MMC).

If you choose multiple sites, you will be able to demonstrate timeLines to many clients by running multiple sites at one IP address. You can run a small ISP/ASP and offer community computers to local non-profits to get familiar with timeLines. Note that you need Windows NT 4.0 Server or 200 Server to run multiple virtual web sites (at one IP address). Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP allow only one web site.

You should spend some time working with our sandBox installation. You can log in as a guest, and then join as a member. Or log in as an administrator and try out all the timeLines administration pages. You can change the new member's privileges, etc. Then log back in as the member to get a feeling for timeLines from the user's view. It's all available at

Basic steps are:

Extensively illustrated installation instructions are on the web at

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